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Farm Tech is a trading name of G Lawson Agricultural Technologies Ltd which is a VAT registered company, registered in England and Wales. 

The company owner Gavin Lawson has over 15 years experience within the computer and technology industry. As the world of technology expanded he got involved more and more with IP camera technology, then one day a local farmer who was also a computer support customer asked him what he knew about calving cameras. The farmer had seen samples of these at a local show. Gavin promptly started looking into a solution for the farmer, during his research Gavin found that he could offer a better quality product and at a better price than some of the industry leaders. 

Over the next few months many cameras were tested and quality checked until a quality product was found and production of the technology was started. Some time later a product was completed and the real life testing began on a local farm. The first tests proved very positive with only slight alterations being required. 

One aspect of the test installations that Gavin really wanted to test and build on was the use of long range wireless technology which would make installations cheaper and much more flexible while still offering a high quality product. During this phase of testing distances of 15 miles with line of sight were achieved. Since this time technology has advanced and with line of sight many more miles are now possible. 

The next stumbling block to to overcome was the fact that a lot of farms still cannot get high speed internet access. High speed internet is only required if the user wants remote access to the cameras when away from the farm. Gavin found a solution to this problem by partnering with another local company to offer high speed wireless internet without the need for a telephone line. 

Once all of the above systems had gone through rigorous testing Gavin was happy to take his product to market. Response to the product and the number of orders made it clear that a company would need to be formed in its own right. Which is when Farm Tech was formed. 

It has now been a number of years and the number of installations and services has grown massively. Farm Tech has expanded into CCTV, Lambing Cameras, Calving Cameras, Foaling Cameras, Long Range Wireless, Burglar Alarms and Yard Monitoring, Computer Support, Electrical Installations and Repairs and Electrical Inspection and Testing

For detailed information about our services please view the services page or contact us to disscuss your requirements. 

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